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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Something really strange happened this morning – had my VanErt set this morning early, noticed that it had been tripped. Went out with my sack to get it (had seen HOSP at this box and it had HOSP nest beginnings in it) – well low & behold when I opened door of this Gilwood box and the bird flew into sack I thought it was really large – I never got hold of the bird correctly and it flew out of the sack – wasn’t a small HOSP at all – I really believe it was a starling. It flew away so fast that I wasn’t really sure. Has anyone had a starling squeeze into a 1 1/2″ hole before? I have witnessed one doing this on my 1 1/2″ square cage feeder before. Of course, the Gilwood box has a 2″ opening from side to side, and a bar across the top of hole to make it 1 1/2″ oval type.