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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Thanks, all – yes, I thought about the entrance feature of the Gilwood – decided this was just a “once in a lifetime” experience with this starling – Madamewingn – no I did not let this starling go on purpose – I just could not grab it with the sack like a smaller bird and it got away.
P.S. On the Gilwood box, DH and I did modify this plan somewhat, as I believed it needed some additional ventilation, even with the bigger entrance opening. This also gives some additional light in the event I need to put hole reducer on it. We also made it a top opened, as well, so I could take pictures better. Notice the hinge in the back and hasp on sides to keep it down securely – I really love these extra features, since I am only 5′ tall I had to stand on a step stool to see inside my top opener boxes. This way I monitor & clean out from the front opening and can take pictures from the top when needed.