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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Nothing really new – we have had a very cold spell the past two days so not much bird activity. When I checked about 2 days ago, the nesting material was the same. I do see my pair of blues around this box, but then I also see them on 2 others, also. This is a fairly new pair, only 3rd year I believe for them. They have a habit of building about 2 or 3 nests before choosing which one to lay eggs in, which means they have only had 2 broods a year. My previous pair I had 6 years ALWAYS had 3 broods, and just built one nest at a time. I’d like to teach this pair to read the rules on nesting!!! I have trapped about 4 HOSP at a different box, and have them claiming one box right now, but I am waiting for a new female to show up before I set trap again. At least, that’s what I actually see, but then these birds are very sneaky!