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I am in lower Fairfield County, CT and our male and female have been building a nest for close to 2 weeks. The recent weather (2 days of snow and wind) has slowed their progress even more. The nest appears to be nearly finished. They are around during the day and in and out of the box. There is another male with them…they do not seem to chase him away. Perhaps one of last years offspring? I am hopeful that the warming trend later this week will encourage some egg laying. They are ahead of last nearby two-three weeks. Hope that this helps.

Thanks to all of you who posted.


I’m in Mewtown which should not be three weeks behind you. Unfortunately, I think this pair is nesting elsewhere but coming to me for food.

I realized after I posted here, that I had not removed the overhang I added last summer to shade the house. Could that have deterred the birds from using the box? (I have since taken the overhang off.). Although I wish the Blues were making their first nest with me, I’m happy to help their survival with twice daily feeding. We’ve had snow and ice two times in the last five days, so I’m glad my order of mealworms has arrived.

Looking forward to the arrival of the TRES and hopefully the blues for a second nesting.