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Tammy, to answer your question about my house sparrow population. I don’t have many at all in my background. My backyard faces a large open area. However, the development I live in does have an over abundance of house sparrows. The front of my house faces other houses that have trees and bushes where the sparrows love to congregate. Every year I get one or two pairs of house sparrows that either chase off my native birds or destroy their eggs. I have spent way more money on sparrow traps and prevention than I have on the birds’ housing. I have a repeating sparrow trap, Van Ert trap, different kinds of in cavity traps for my purple martin houses, and a pellet gun. They always seem to out smart me when it comes to trapping these birds. The house sparrows have no interest in the repeating trap. I have used everything ever mentioned to me in attracting HS to the trap (such as feathers, cotton balls, bread, crackers, popcorn, etc.) and still no luck in getting the HS to go inside the trap.

As for the monofilament, I’m attaching a picture of how I have wrapped the fishing line on my house. Please comment on weather I did it correctly or incorrectly.
In addition to the string on the roof and around the door, I strung a few pieces from a clothes hanger attached to the sides of the box and weighed them down with washers then stuck pieces of dowel rod into the washers to keep the string from getting tangled and twisted. I did not take the monofilament off my hose I believe this stay on the house all the time?