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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Tammy, this is our modified version of the Gilwood – added some additional ventilation slots on each side (shown in the picture above) because my boxes are all in full sun. The front entrance is not shown here, but it is regulation Gilwood on the hole. Also put hinge in the back to make it a top opener, in addition to the front door. Love it this way, because I am just 5′ tall and had to get on step stool with screwdriver to open my older top openers. The top opening allows for taking pictures easier when wanted. The hasps on each side keep the top securely down & tight. I still have two of my older, original 1 1/2″ hole boxes, and this is where my present blues have a nest, but no eggs yet. Seems like HOSP, starlings & TRES like the Gilwood – however, I did have one nest of blues in my 1st Gilwood last year. P.S. I wish my pair would get in gear – they are always about 3-4 weeks later in laying eggs from my previous pair, which is okay because we have had a very cool snap for the past week or more. Saw her put in more nesting stuff, today, so maybe tomorrow she’ll have an egg.