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Thanks again for all the comments and information. I think what I read about dog food was that you could mix some kibble or crumbs of kibble in with whatever you’re keeping your mealworms in. Right now I have mine in a container with oatmeal. I had been thinking of taking some of the crumbs from the bottom of the bag of dry dog food and adding them to the oatmeal, the purpose being to have the mealworms eat protein. But maybe I’ll try the calcium powder. Is that something I can purchase at the drugstore?

On an additional note….I checked the Peterson style box this evening and it has the beginnings of a nest. Whether this will amount to anything. I don’t know. The male is still feeding the female when they settle down for their worms. So perhaps the mating has been delayed. Very weird after our exceptionally mild winter. Next year the rules will get posted early!