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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Well, I’m pretty sure these 5 eggs are not viable. Later this morning I saw them both at the box with eggs there – mama was going TO (not inside) the box hole and papa was fluttering around not letting her go in. They did this for quite come time. Then they both went to this other box (which I thought at first was a different female but now believe it was the same mama). After a couple of hours (they were doing lots of wing-waving) I decided to check the other box to see if she was sitting, but she was not. I touched the eggs and they were cold. I did put the trick of putting a black dot on the top of each egg and will check tomorrow to see if they are being rotated. This pair was in and out of this different box all afternoon – hope they go ahead & begin a nest, as it is getting a little late for a first nesting. This has happened 1 or 2 other times here, with all eggs not being good & parents going elsewhere. Guess they can tell. I will leave the eggs there for several days yet, just to see.