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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Wow Gami – this is exactly what has happened to me. As I said the first 5 eggs were no good so after almost a week I took the eggs out but left the beautiful nest in the box. Well, this pair built the nest I posted pic of and at that time it had a nice cup in it. Since that picture it seems the nest has been disturbed because the nice cup is not there, just sort of flat, but the pair of blues are continuously on the box wing-waving but do not seem to be doing anything further to the nest. HOWEVER, they are ALSO doing the same thing to this first nest at the different box closest to our home, I guess they know this WAS their nest. Maybe they are confused and I should remove one nest?????? This is my question. As for your 2 eggs, you know they are not viable after this time and I would remove the eggs – same question would apply for the nest itself. I do like to have a spare nest for emergency. HELP here needed…….