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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Evie, on the large numbers of worms you have on hand, you are aware that you need to take them out of fridge at least every 2 weeks, some places say every week, for about 24 hours to let them eat the bran bedding, and also put in some carrot slices or potato slices for their moisture. I almost always buy 10,000 bulk worms, then package them in containers (with air vents) after they have eaten after being shipped. They will last 2-3 months at least this way. There will be a few dead ones, but this is perfectly normal. I, too, have a bunch right now as my pair’s first 5 eggs were no good and they have not built a new nest yet, I don’t think, unless this new mama laid some in a neighbor’s box or something. Therefore, no babies to feed at this time. UGH!