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The height of the nest in relation to the entrance is pretty important. Assuming the box is on a baffled pole, the greatest danger is from an avian predator that would be able to snatch hatchlings through the hole. A 1.5″ hole would admit the head of starlings, crows, and woodpeckers all of whom prey on baby birds. What you need to look at is where the cup of the nest is in relation to the entrance. If it looks far enough away that no head can reach them then things should be fine.

Just so everybody knows, for years I have gone against the normal way of keeping mealworms. I easily keep 5000 in a plastic shoebox size container, holes drilled in the top and with NO bedding. None! Every week they get raw carrot slices and a 24 hour stay on the kitchen counter. Every once in a while over the course of a couple of months, a couple of them die but that’s it.

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