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Hello Everyone: It’s been a month here in Pennsylvania, and I haven’t seen a single bluebird. The beautiful yellow finches are still annihilating my thistle seed daily, and a mourning dove just hatched a brood in my dogwood tree yesterday. However, my beloved bluebirds seem to be gone for another season.

I really feel the need to say THANK YOU to so many of you who helped and educated me this summer. In the past, I selfishly enjoyed the bluebirds in my yard without providing a safe haven and meal worms! The terrible day when my Papa Blue died, I found this forum and begged for help. I remember the morning I found him. I went to the birdhouse and cried my eyes out as the tiny bluebirds stretched their necks and cried for food. I was sure they would perish.

It was your advice and help that saw me through that terrible day. It was your advice and help that saved those little darlings. I learned how to make a sparrow spooker, buy meal worms and eventually relocate my house to a safer place. I can’t thank you enough for turning a past-time into a hobby that I love.

So, thank you Carol, Tammy, David, Rich, “Love My Blues,” Gin and Cher. I will serve my future bluebirds well–Thanks to you!