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Carol – Mid-Mo.
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Tammy, I had always used Grubco as well, and was always pleased, especially with them “making good” if there was a problem, as when 1 or 2 shipments arrived dead and they sent me new ones. My ONLY complaint with them was the time frame on orders, which sometimes took 3 or 4 days. Yes, their medium worms were not large by any fact, but when I switched to Natures Way, (in Ohio just a few miles from Grubco), their same type shipping orders (US Postal Service) have always arrived the next day and their worms are about the same size as Grubco’s, but as long as they are not tiny I do not care. I believe the birds drop/waste some any way, although I have seen them dive down when they drop one, but I’m sure they miss some. I have the order “Hold at Post Office & call), as I just live about 2 miles from town and then I don’t have to worry about them sitting outside in the hot weather. But I really can’t complain too much about Grubco, as I used them for about 7 seasons. Must be something about the location of these two companies that their same type shipping does not arrive at the destination in the same number of days. My notes say they are only about 9 miles apart. I will be ordering my first of the season worms in early March.