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They are located on opposite ends of the yard. I live on the edge of a Preserve so there are Palmettos and a few trees between them. Hopefully the Bluebirds will use the Bluebird Box and if the Chickadees get kicked out they will go use the Box I got for them that has a smaller hole and sawdust to excavate. I just moved here to St. Augustine Florida and it is a first time for birding here. I moved from Montana and I had Mountain Bluebirds use a box in my yard every year. I also always had Tree Swallows. I will let you know how this all turns out. FYI, right out in my front yard here I have a pair of Ospreys making a nest high up in a tree. They were there last year but the hurricane blew their nest away and they are rebuilding. What a great bird area this is!!