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Chris, you can successfully have a bluebird nestbox, even with an abundance of HOSP.
I’m like you and have a arborvitae line right by my house and I can hear the cheep cheep of the HOSP constantly. I’ve dwindled down my numbers some, but they keep coming. My numbers are as follows:
2009- 406
2011- 352
2013- 86
2014- 130
2015- (not sure yet. I’m afraid the numbers aren’t good as I was lazy this year)
Maybe I’ll be better if you keep me accountable. During that first year I was on a forum and we were in competition with each other so it spurred me on.
But I’m showing you this to say that you can successfully have bluebirds. It is a little more of a battle for those with a lot of hosp like us but I’ve had great success.
If you wait until you your numbers are low….you’ll never do it.
I live 5 miles away from Anderson’s grain elevators and I’m wondering if that is an issue even though it seems far enough away.
209 since mid summer is amazing!!