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I plan on putting up a bluebird box in the spring, even if I have to clean it out a lot.

I average about 7 HOSP per day, and the numbers haven’t backed off yet. Even yesterday, in the rain, I got 7, and in 4 hours this morning, I have another 7… I also had a female cardinal somehow make it into the elevator yesterday. Luckily, I was actually watching the trap when she entered it, so I was able to get her out quickly. This was even with my greatly reduced opening!

I’m near Start High School, and don’t really have any grain operations that close, but I do have a lot of open space and fields near me, so maybe that helps keep the population up. And my hedge is the perfect habitat for the HOSP…

If we were having a normal winter, I think tending to the trap would be harder, but I don’t really mind the cold that much. I’m out walking somewhere almost every day. Even tried snowshoeing last year, for the 1st time in about 30 years. I get cabin fever real quick, so getting out in most weather is not a problem for me.

Just caught another HOSP as I was typing this… :TwoHosp:

Toledo, Ohio