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Chris, great you have trapped so many. I have two DRST’s that I use on and off, but have most success trapping HOSP in the fall and winter months. The one DRST I have was built special for me by Blaine and is modified to have a slightly wider trap elevator to allow easier trapping of European Starlings (they hit traps winter months only and only when the snow flies). HOSP Juveniles are especially easy to trap early fall when nest season winds down too. I generally use white bread as bait, but you are having better success than me right now – are you using millet and peanuts? What is your bait of choice? I like that you have put plywood base under trap to keep them a little warmer if trap is elevated (like leaving trap on ground as Tammy said). I find my decoys have better longevity during winter months than they do during nest season here in central Ohio. Keeping them dry is the most important thing. At night, I leave my traps out and cover them with old heavy rubberized door mat which protects them from rain. If heavy snow in forecast, cover entire trap with sheet at night. You can also bring them into your garage (newspapers under trap for easy cleanup) if an especially bad rain event is forecast or if you have real bad raccoon issues in your area (not a problem in my yard).