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    HOT already (92 degrees – tomorrow is supposed to be hotter) and today the Mom was inside the house all day and Dad was on top of box or top of Shed. He was busy we had visitors of Starlings and Finches he had to keep chasing off. He is a good Dad. I also went out and helped him after one of the finches and he were having a little Scuffle with each other, I broke it up chasing off the finches he just stayed here I guess he knows by now I’m safe to be around? We had 5 eggs and now we have 2 left as you can see. http://www.raydene.com/special_5/5-10-18.jpg
    I’m hoping the other 2 will be hatched by morning (awful hot to be inside an egg).

    David in Stafford,VA
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    Very nice. Congratulations. 3 of my 5 eggs just hatched today (another thread). I am waiting for the other 2 also.
    Enjoy all of the activity, Dene.


    Stafford, VA

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    Dene, what fabulous pictures. The one of Mr. BB is top notch, and the babies are just so cute. You are definitely getting some hot temps, we are in the low 60’s here in Western PA. Keep posting those pics, I thoroughly enjoy seeing them.
    Connie (PA)

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    Wow….a scuffle with finches? In all my years with bluebirds I’ve never had my bluebirds feel threatened by finches! But starlings..yes! It’s 50 here right now. Dipping lower tonight. Brrr.


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