Bitter cold in Central NYS! Don't forget to feed your birds!

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    The air temp in Watertown NY was -37° this morning. That’s not wind chill – that’s actual air temp! Down here in the Finger Lakes region it was a balmy -16° at my house at 7:45 AM! Which should remind us that our backyard birds could really use a little extra supplemental feeding when the temps drop this low. Suet mixes give them some extra fat to help keep their little bodies from turning into birdsicles. They also need a source for water, so if you can, provide a heated birdbath that will prevent their water from freezing. They don’t usually bathe when it’s THIS cold, but once the temps go up just a little, they will often bathe to keep their feathers clean, because dirty feathers are not good insulators.

    I filled my window feeder that has a one way mirror, and I had juncos, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, a cardinal couple and one sassy bluejay visit, which provided much amusement for my Lynx Point Siamese, who has learned to hunker down on the windowsill and watch the comings and goings.

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