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    Rich K
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    1st brood 5 eggs. All unviable abandoned after 26 days
    2nd 5 eggs 4 hatched and fledged
    3rd 4 eggs all hatched and fledged
    4th 4 eggs all hatched and fledged
    Total fledged 12

    David in Stafford,VA
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    Here are the numbers by brood: Updated with Rich K’s numbers

    Number of nests: 14 reported
    Number of Eggs: 59 reported
    Number Hatched: 49 reported
    Number Fledged: 31– need to read additional posts

    Number of nests: 8 reported
    3Number of Eggs: 38 reported
    Number Hatched: 33 reported so far
    Number Fledged: 33 reported so far

    Third Brood
    Number of nests: 7 reported
    Number of Eggs: 23 reported so far
    Number Hatched: 22 reported so far
    Number Fledged: 22 reported so far

    Fourth Brood
    Number of nests: 1 reported
    Number of Eggs: 4
    Number Hatched: 4
    Number Fledged: 4

    For Totals so far, we have 30 nestings, 124 eggs laid, 108 hatched, and 90 new bluebirds in the air. We are missing reports from quite a few but as I mentioned elsewhere my internet has been down for more than a month and I am trying to catch up on posts to get additional data.

    Thank you all who have sent this data. It does show that we are doing a pretty good job of keeping the Bluebird population growing..

    Stafford, VA

    blue diamonds
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    Thanks for the update. I enjoy seeing all the progress.

    Judy – Michigan

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    Only 9 fledges out of my 12 nestbox Trail (2 boxes are for TRES) gives one an idea of just how much the mid-February freeze in states to our south (where blues winter over) resulted in the deaths due to snowfall and extended freeze.

    A neighbor (gave him nestbox and training) has an ideal yard location overlooking a park. He has consitently fledged 5-10 blues each year for the past ten years (Gilbertson PVC — plus mealworms). This year no blues no nest. He didn’t see even one bluebird all summer.

    Many Bluebird Trails whether with 10 or 100 boxes experienced a decline in EABL fledges from previous years. Not uncommon for a 70% decline in fledge counts by mid-June.

    Besides fewer bluebirds also a noticeable decline in robins (and Wrens). The deep freeze in Arkansas was one state that contributed to Minnesota’s decline in bluebird fledges …

    Will post final EABL fledge counts for 2021 by reporting members of both BRPM(MN) and BRAW(WI) — usually posted by February. This will give an idea of just how significant the decline due to mid-February deep freeze where Minnesota’s Blues winter-over.

    Zip-a-dee doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay ...

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