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    Tell me again about your Bluebird class you taught. I’m teaching one in a couple of weeks. Just found out. How did you do your presentation? How did you get photos up? I think I remember you did not use power point but you just used a flash drive with photos? Did it insert into the TV? It’s for a charter school. No idea what grades yet. They also want me to walk around their property to see where to put their boxes. I’m nervous. I don’t mind giving advice on here but trying to decide where to place their boxes make me nervous.
    And what if they have really not great boxes? I think they made them. Yikes. And what if they aren’t willing to trap House Sparrows. I think I’ll just have to give them the info and if they aren’t willing to trap…it is what it is. Wish she would have given me more notice.

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    Tammy, it is a long story. Started out by getting photos from wherever I could (Sialis, permission from Dave Keener and others, and my own photos. Put these in JPG format on my computer (if not already done) and then put them on a DVD disc to run on my DVD player. Then I would use whatever screen (usually a TV) was available wherever I went. This was kind of burdensome but I got the job done without having a lot of equipment, just my own small DVD player. Power Point would be fine except when you go to different locations as I did you never knew what was available; therefore I always had to visit the location to check it out first. Over about 3 years I did probably about 20 presentations but have pretty much hit all the places/organizations available around here and really not doing any now. Did go to a suburb of Kansas City one time to a district club meeting, but that was as far as I went (about 50 miles). If you have a laptop and the location has a projector I would suggest that a Power Point would be the easiest. Since I did not have either one, I had to go the long and complicated route but got the job done. Good luck.

    Yes, the HOSP matter is delicate but I always told the group the facts (along with pictures) but did not push the matter and did mention that they did not have to watch the end where I showed about 3 pictures of HOSP attacks.

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