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    Susan Resch
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    Hi All,

    Is it possible for one male BB to kill another? Last year mom and dad had a son from the previous season that hung around and helped with last years nestlings. While many of them came back in groups this past winter and have now left the additional male has stayed. This morning there was lots of commotion in my yard, only the male and female were present and the female was very upset. I then noticed the male down on the ground pecking at something blue and it was the other male. Sadly the other male was dead. What do you think? On another note it looks as if the nest is starting.

    Thanks, Susan

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    Obviously it’s possible. Sad though. The fight for territory and supremacy can be brutal.

    Atlanta, GA

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    How sad! I am so sorry and have never heard of this happening!

    Love my blues!
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    So awful. I hate that for you, Susan!


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    Bummer. So sorry.


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