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    Hello Everybody –
    Thanks for all the advice! Our second clutch after the HOWR or HOSP attack has hatched and there are some rather large babies in there. My husband could see one male up against the plexiglass but Daddy Blue is one aggressive father and dive bombs him even though they’re used to him bringing the meal worms to the feeder.

    Speaking of meal worms, is it us or is there a run on them? We normally don’t mail order them as we’ve had HOWR issues in the past and the birds don’t nest. But the local pet store runs out of them the day the arrive there. We fed the couple super worms before the chicks hatched but switched as we understand super worms can bite while being ingested.

    Oh and that HOWR keeps sticking around though hasn’t built a nest or filled the other box up. He’s persistent. I’ll give him that much!

    Rich K
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    You can get a great deal on Meal Worms on Amazon. I get 2,000 at a time and they ship really quick. The EABL’s LOVE them. I put them in a little container about 20 feet away from the birdhouse and mom and dad dive down to get them. I usually only put them out once a day though so they don’t become too dependent.

    Carol – Mid-Mo.
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    I’m getting ready to do a mail order for 5,000 worms – the first order in March was 10,000 ($52 including shipping which always comes 2nd day) and I will be out in about a week with the newly fledged blues. Even if they do not have a 2nd nesting, this family of 7 will be back and stay around all winter here in mid-Missouri. What a sight it is to see those parents feed those worms like an assembly line when those babies are in the box – really perks you up!

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