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    Susie laid egg #1 this morning. I want to put the spooker on now but I am really nervous about driving the EABL’s away. Last year I waited until all 5 eggs were laid and put it up. It took her a bit to get used to it but she did. I am afraid with only one egg, that she will abandon. I have not seen signs of any HOSP’s since my repeating trap had caught 4 males last week. Thoughts!!?

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    I think even one egg is a pretty big thing to them. Go ahead and put up the spooker with maybe not all of the streamers down. Then watch to see what she does. If she’s fine with it, you could let down one or two at a time so that it’s a gradual introduction.

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    Ditto to Gin’s comments. I always put up spooker after 1st egg is laid, trying to give them as much time after egg laying to see and get used to it. Then watch closely next morning when time for her to lay another egg. I truly believe the commitment to even just one egg is very strong. P.S. This applies particularly if you have HOSP around, which I do have!! (You don’t always see them until they have part of a nest built) Congats on catching some HOSP in your repeating trap, but there are probably plenty lurking around.

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    I put my sparrow spooker up this year after 2nd egg ( didn’t know until there were two) & female accepted right away. The male was more apprehensive at first, so I did just what Gin suggested. I tied up the 1st 2 rows after I noticed & then let down a row each day. He now sits on top of it while she is in the box. Just took him a little longer, but all is well now.


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    I was just about to ask the same question. Have 1 egg and 1 HOSP that just won’t quit! Put up a makeshift Spooker with husband’s fly fishing Mylar which is wispy. Female still going in the house but no more eggs after 2 days…worriesome!

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    If you are afraid that she isn’t laying because of the mylar then you should remove it to see. Or put up one piece of mylar at a time.


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    I had to remove mine since it seemed to scare the male. Then, I reintroduced it again (row by row) & he was fine. You may have to be gradual about it. Hope it works out!


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