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    Hello everyone,
    It has been a while, but we still cater to the blues here. Farms surround me and the sparrows are out of control. Currently I have the finch socks, an upside down suet feeder and a on some days some BB suet.
    I do not know who else to ask, but is anyone else seeing the hosp on their finch socks? They are tearing holes in them!
    Anyone else?


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    Hi, Deena! HOSPs tear into bags of nyger seed and white millet in the outdoor lawn & garden areas at Lowes and Home Depot, all the time. Not uncommon behavior. In general, HOSPs are too lazy to crack open a black oil sunflower seed. They prefer the “easy” meals of nyger and millet, so I feed neither.

    Bedford, New Hampshire

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    They eat everything!!!


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