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    Rich KRich K
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    My Blues have settled on the Gilbertson at the back of the yard. I actually cut back some of the bushes there in the Fall and I think this may be why they chose it again after a 3 year hiatus (they nested in the slot box the last 3 years near the front of my backyard). We were away for the Easter weekend and I peaked in the box last night. There were some pine needles scattered on the bottom. This afternoon she had completed a good portion of the base with tight grasses. They have been hanging around all day catching insects and eating suet.
    Looking forward to some eggs soon!

    David in Stafford,VADavid in Stafford,VA
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    Good news. I am glad to hear that your blues have returned. We seem to have several nests either completed or close to it. It is going to hopefully be a good year for us.

    Stafford, VA

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    That is great to hear Rich. Keep us posted!

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