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    3 of 4 hatched seen them with mouths wide open last evening just before dark when checking the box, the Mom came once in an hour and the Dad came once ten minutes after her, didn’t notice them caring any food. This morning no visits just seen both sitting in a high tree across the way?
    Yesterday when I was here never seen either during the day at the box just once each in the morning then once each at night just before dark and this morning nada? Those 3 babies were opened mouthed when we looked inside to check on them last night.
    Usually I see her at least in the morning, but not today? It has been really hot here, but we have lots of water around our area so shouldn’t they be able to get food for them? Even if not wouldn’t they come to the box? Any suggestions please!

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    There is truly not much you can do, but watch and pray!

    I have seen one deserted just hatched nest. I tried to find help and/or advice, but there was no help for this situation. I let nature take its course rather than killing the babies which would probably have been better for them. I chose that option because if there was even a remote chance of mama bluebird returning in time to save them I didn’t want to interfere.

    I never knew what happened to the pair. One theory is that something happened to the female and the male just left. He could not have saved them; only mama can do that at this stage.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon

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    How old are they? If they are still in the tiny food stage, it’s super hard to see anything being carried in a beak.

    If they are strong enough to gape they are probably being fed. ‘

    When watching a box, if you look away for as little as 10 seconds you can miss an adult arriving.

    Atlanta, GA

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    i agree with Gin. By now you would know because they wouldn’t be alive if they aren’t being fed.


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    Dene, any follow-up? I’ve been wondering about your babies. . .


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