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    Super excited …..while drinking coffee and watching the birds this morning. Hubby says “there is a couple birds on your bluebird box”. I checked with my binoculars and see it’s two female bluebirds. I haven’t seen any bluebirds since the middle of August. I left one box out that I bought for next year to get it weathered. They sat on top, looked in the hole and went inside……came out and few into the pines. I probably would have missed the whole sighting if Hubby had not pointed them out‼️ They do show up when you least expect it. Made my day.


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    Hi Judy:
    Strange that I signed on and read your post yesterday about your Bluebirds showing up. I still have 8 or 10 depending on the day, but yesterday I had at least 4 checking out one of my Bluebird boxes. They would hang on the front up to 3 at a time and then take off to the apple trees. This went on for an extended period of time and they were of both sexes. Some went in the box and others just looked, and one remained on the top of the box after the others left. If I didn’t know better I would think it was Spring. One was singing such a beautiful song this morning. Today I only saw 6 at one time. They definitely love those mealworms.
    I hope yours hung around for you to enjoy.

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