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    I checked my Gilbertson box and Momma is almost done. She has the cup formed now and once it is lined I anticpate an egg by the weekend!

    I also checked the slot box at the front part of my backyard. These boxes are about 30 yards apart on less than a Quarter acre. There is the start of a Bluey nest! I know for sure it is an EABL as it has all the characteristics. So, it looks like I have two pairs in a smaller area! I’m not complaining at all, just surprised.

    On another note, I put two boxes up at our church as there is a huge 3 acre open field behind the church property. One box has a 3/4 completed nest and the other has the start of one! I am monitoring those boxes as well. Exciting times! LOL!

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    Excellent. My brother has two going as well. One in the front and one in the way back, but not quite 100 yards apart.

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