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    Sorry I haven’t been around much posting any updates but I’ve been ill with infected tonsils and had to have them removed so have been trying to recover from that. I’m feeling better after two weeks since the surgery. At my age let me tell you it was NOT fun. lol
    Well that is enough about me. I am happy to report that the PROWs have re-nested in the same location as the failed one because of the house wren attack. The wren deceided that another yard was a better place to go. I left the nesting material in the box since it was very clean. There are 4 eggs as of the other day. The TRES 6 eggs have hatched and the nestlings are doing well. So far no sign of nest mites (I hate those things). No BB nestings so far this year but I did see them trying to enter the trapping box, which of course they can enter. That is about it for now.

    When The New Wears Off The Old Shines Through.

    The Original Bluebird Nut
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    Ooooooooooh! PROW! Those are gorgeous. We need pics!

    Central NY
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    Donna in WI
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    Congrats on the PROWs!! Hope you get some Blues yet.

    Hope you feel back to normal soon too!!

    Donna in WI

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    Renee, some years ago I had a friend who also had her tonsils removed. No fun at all! She said it was the worst sore throat ever. I am so glad you are feeling better.

    Yippee! The PROW returned!

    Atlanta, GA

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    Looking forward to seeing your PROW photos again!! Yay!


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