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    Rich KRich K
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    My neighbor had a successful brood in his box. The pair started a second nesting and one egg was laid on Thursday. Since then no sign of either pair and no more eggs. No sign no nest predation or anything else. I have a nesting pair just started with 2 eggs.
    1) Do you think this egg is still viable?
    2) Can I put it in my nest in hopes it will hatch or will the female abandon my nest if she notices an extra egg (I know egg dumping does happen in nature).

    Appreciate the advise!

    Carol – Mid-Mo.
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    I, personally, don’t believe this egg is viable or mama wouldn’t have abandoned it, but if something did happen to her or the pair I still don’t believe this would work since it has been there quite some time – but I have really have no experience exactly like this. Others will chime in hopefully.

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    Rich, since incubation seems like it hadn’t started the egg just might be viable. If incubation hasn’t started in the other nest you can give it a try. The limit should be no more than 5 eggs in the box. It’s actually pretty common for eggs to be fostered like this if they are close in age.

    Atlanta, GA

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    am interested to see how this plays out.

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