Bluebird Information

Bluebird Information

Bluebird Nut has compiled some of the best information available and made it available to you in several forms.

Overview – A brief overview of the Bluebird’s history during the past 125 years, and what needs to be done to help them.

FAQ’s – An informative section answering some of the questions most commonly asked by new Bluebird lovers.

Bluebird Housing
Bluebird Nesting Habits
Feeding Bluebirds
The “Bluebird Nut” Style Mealworm Feeder
Competing Species
House Sparrows – the Bluebird’s archnemesis
Monitoring – Protection against Predators, Pests, Parasites and other Problems
Links and Resources – An extensive listing of resources and links to other sites where more detailed information on some subjects discussed here may be found, along with links to products useful to Bluebird hosts.

The Bluebird Flyer – The result of a project undertaken by members of a Bluebirding forum, the Bluebird Flyer is a free, downloadable PDF file designed to be saved to your own computer’s hard drive, printed from your printer, and distributed freely to friends, neighbors, organizations, clubs — anywhere there are Bluebird lovers.

Birding Calling Cards – for the promotion of avian habitat preservation programs

The Bluebird Nut Cafe Discussion Forum РA new discussion forum where people help people help Bluebirds.

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