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    Posting images in the forum.

    In order to post an image in this forum, you will first have to upload it to a photo sharing site that allows hot-linking. There are many free ones, Photobucket is one of them, but certainly not the only one. Then all you will need to do is find the direct link to the image you want to post (not to the page the photo is contained on – the link to the image itself. Most photo sharing sites will show you this link.) See screenshot:

    Then, there are two ways of posting the photo here. Either one works just as well.

    1) Copy the “bbcode” of the image, if your photo sharing site gives you that, and paste it into the message box. (In the screenshot above the “bbcode” is in the bottom box circled – the one that says IMG. It’s the code that contains the opening and closing [ IMG ] tags.)

    2) If your photo sharing site doesn’t give you the IMG code, just click the “img” box just above your message screen. A box will open where you can drop the Direct link. (In the screenshot above, that’s the link in the top box circled.) The software for the forum will then automatically create the tags for you. (See screenshot below.)

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