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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Deb, so sorry – this is truly a sad thing when the papa is still fluttering around when he knows something is wrong with his eggs. My papa bird did the exact thing about 8-9 days ago when he knew all 5 eggs were not viable – mama was wanting to go in to incubate and he was chasing her off the hole. Donna, I had not heard this about a pair not nesting in the same box where they had a failed nest. When I removed the bad eggs I did leave their beautiful nest in it because they had began another nest but were not finishing it. And they have been guarding both boxes like crazy. I am at a loss as what to do – the weather has turned off very cool here, and I keep thinking they are waiting on warmer weather, but May is almost here. P.S. I just looked in the 1st box where the 5 failed eggs were and noticed that the cup of the nest seemed to be lightly lined with something very fine, like feathers but not really – maybe like down. But I have only seen blues at this box. The 2nd nest in the Gilwood box had a nice cup at one time, but it seemed to be flattened as I mentioned in my other thread. Looks like a lot of us need a dose of good luck this year.