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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Evie, on the carrots, apple or potato slices – I just slice VERY THIN slices of carrots & put on top of the bedding, depending on size of container – I just scatter them maybe 3/4″ apart over top – I know when they are really hungry/thirsty they will eat all this up and then I put in some more! You do need to be sure to take out any leftover vegies before you refrigerate again, or it will get gummy inside the box. When I buy 10,000 bulk worms, I package them in smaller, flat plastic containers (5 or 6) with very small holes drilled in top. According to some worm instructions or Sialis website the bedding & worms should not be over 1 1/2 deep in each container, but I believe others have gotten by with larger boxes of worms??? I would really be interested in this last statement, as I would prefer not to have but 1 or 2 containers in my refrig!!