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    First things first. The same female is here all the time. A new male is
    hanging about though he has not yet learned about the free handouts. The nest looks to be remodeled. It’s very neat. The side against the door is quite high, but I assume there’s no harm in that. I can’t see the old eggs. Do you think it would be okay to leave them? Don’t know what the chance of breakage would be. As of yesterday there were no eggs. The weather here is foul: rainy, chilly with much of the same predicted until Sunday. I assume this will slow down or stop the breeding. But send your thoughts along.

    Interesting to learn how you feed your mealies. I put apple wedges at various levels in my one container. Right now I’m using a 4 lb sugar container. The worms seem okay. But it sounds like I’m not giving them optimum living quarters. Is it worth a change?