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    Thanks for posting Blaine's pictures – we need all the help we can get. And I appreciate your hosting offer for the plans.
    My own site is taking shape, but even with all the great templates out there, I'm still having to learn HTML, so it's slow going. I'll let you

    Speaking of the HOWR guard, the sketch below shows yet another idea. I'm waiting on samples of a material called Flexwood
    (thin veneer) and I've ordered a roll of tan vinyl flashing as well.

    The flexible material is cut to a length so it forms a half-circle, and is attached with 4 screws. The screw holes would be the
    slot-type, so it could be slipped on and off easily without tools. One side only could be detached without removing the entire guard.

    The box shown is a NABS, and at first glance it seems to work. Whether the material can withstand repeated on/off operations
    without tearing is the key. Once I have this material in hand, we can try it on other guard ideas as they hatch.

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