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The Original Bluebird Nut

    I don’t know if there is a return policy. That’s not a question we could answer. I do know it costs quite a bit to ship them, and you wouldn’t get your shipping costs back.

    There are far more people who have had success with this trap than those who haven’t. And probably if the ones who posted about not having any success followed the suggestions given in the four pages of instructions that come with the trap, and additional tips given here, their luck would turn around. However, not everyone comes back to post once they’ve tried the suggestions and had success.

    I do know that Blaine says to give the trap at least two weeks before deciding that it won’t work. Sometimes people catch birds right away, sometimes it takes a while for them to lose their fear of the new “thing”. Pre-baiting the area where you plan to put the trap may help with that. So does having a bird that you’ve caught with an in-box trap to put in the repeating trap. Having a bird in the trap seems to attract others.

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