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Sorry to hear about your experience. You need to do a little preparation for the next event. You do not have to move your box higher. 6 feet will do IF the nest box is protected from predators. Many of us use either metal or PVC pipe to mount the box on and protect the box with a baffle. I have included a photo of the one I use. It is a 2 foot section of stainless stove pipe with a cap. I cut a hole in the cap to put it on the pole/ I use 2 long screws in the PVC pipe to set the baffle on to allow it to rock in case something tries to climb it. I have place several discs cut from galvanized hardware cloth that also fit inside the baffle to keep critters and snakes from trying to climb up inside the baffle. I have stuffed smaller pieces of the hardware cloth in the small gaps in the cuts made on the metal cap for protection also.

If possible your box should be away from fences and trees where squirrels, cats, and other critters could leap to the box.

I hope that you are able to get another pair of BB to use your nestbox. Keep us posted on your activity.

Stafford, VA