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    I have 7 TRES eggs that should be hatching the end of the week or so. I do check on the eggs daily, as I walk up to the box I make sure she hears my voice for a minute or two and stand a few feet away. Usually she does fly out. I hope for this to be my first successful brood and 7 sure is exciting. I had 3 killed by Sparrows last year.
    I’m no pro on them but my nest was very “weakly made” when the first 3 eggs we’re laid. They too were on the bottom of the box. It seemed like she somehow added more grass and moved them around when she laid the 4th. There were only like 2 feathers but when she laid the 6th the box was so full of feathers I couldn’t see the eggs!
    It is rare to not have either mom or dad in the box, but they seem more comfortable with me and it gets easier and easier to coax them out.
    Good luck to all!