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    I’m in the suburbs of Philly.

    My sole baby blue fledged about 3+ weeks ago, disappeared for 2 weeks somewhere, and then reappeared, usually accompanying dad and begging to be fed. It was quite a treat to watch. The pics I have are priceless.

    The day he fledged I cleaned out the nest box. They built another nest in the same box the next day in under 8 hours, in addition to one they built in one of my woodpecker boxes a few days earlier before the nestling fledged. They looked to be in quite a hurry to get going on round 2.

    Since then(22 days after the second nest was built), there are no eggs. The parents are still around.nthe father goes in and out of the box as if to look for eggs only to find none. The mother will go in and stay for 15 minutes or so in the morning, but still no eggs. It’s quite disappointing. Hopefully the female starts round 2 soon.

    In the meantime, I’ve got 6 baby swallow nestlings providing me entertainment.

    Collegeville, PA