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Bobs Farm

    Haha yes they are, mud and grass every where.

    I currently live on 90 acres. That being said an acre of it is fenced off three side of ky house. The front yard being the biggest area with two huge trees spread about 50 feet apart. I’m surrounded by cow fields on three sides (with the fence) that has waist high grass in them. Across the street is a hat field also about waist high. The neighbor across the street keeps the ditch line mowed nicely and that’s where I see a lot of my blue activity. They setup on the power line in the front yard and hunt from there. I currently have three nest boxes up all three from wild birds unlimited 1 wood and the other 2 that indestructible plastic. So real nice boxes. They are placed in metal polls (the poll set from wild birds unlimited) with a baffle. My house faces south which is where the road runs east/west in front of it. I have two houses setup on the west side of my house facing southeast. One is in the front yard approximately 7 feet from the barbwire fence. It’s the closest one to where the BB’s feed. The other one is approximately 300 feet away toward the back of my house also 7 feet from the fence facing southeast. The third is on the opposite side of the house facing west in the front yard area. There all baffled and face open space. The road I live on is a country road and doesn’t recieved much traffic at all.

    I hope that gives you some what of a clear picture. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for the assistance.