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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Gami Pami – the only thing I can think of is that she did not begin incubating immediately, but even if it was 2 or 3 days after the last egg (unusual) this would still put them way late for hatching. Are you real sure about the last egg date? I know sometimes I write in my notes something wrong and then catch it later on. I believe It is a little unusual for papa to be going in & out when she is supposed to be incubating – maybe he senses there is something wrong. Sure hope your dates are wrong. Only thing you can do is wait a while longer.

    Pami, do you have a heat shield on your box? That real hot spell we had here in Missouri around June 23-25 was brutal. We were going to Branson for a few days and I had a nest but no eggs and went ahead & put on the shield, which is not normal, because the forecast was upper 90’s for several days. When I got home she had laid 2 eggs, so I was glad I went ahead and put it on.

    Sure hope everything is okay there – keep us informed.