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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Pami, Cher has info on posting pictures under “Posting Tips for New Forum” which is 3rd from the very top of all posts. Scroll down to find that information on posting pictures. Little awkward at first but gets easier once you use photobucket or other site. I’m sure you are correct about the date on the picture, so that really isn’t the question. It’s whether those eggs are still viable, and you will probably have to leave it up to the mama on that one. She surely will quit sitting on them if they do not hatch soon. It’s a wait & see I believe. After a few more days you will have to decide and if you believe they might build another nest (probably getting late for this), you could remove the nest & eggs so they could try again. BUT you really need to wait a few more days I believe. Others posters – chime in here – she needs help!