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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Susan, this is so sad – was there any pesticide spraying done in your area – if so, this is a possibility for your males’ death, but probably from natural causes, since there was no sign of trauma. You definitely need to have a spooker up – whether you see HOSP or not, because they are usually around somewhere. If your mama has been back to feed the babies (how far are they from fledging), I believe everything is fine. Sometimes for a new mama not used to a spooker, it takes then a little time (a few fly arounds the house) but then they usually will go in. Keep close eye on this – if she still is spooked tie up about half of the streamers and just let 1 or 2 float around, then gradually let them down. I really believe she will continue to feed them, but she will have a hard time after they fledge, but it CAN be done. If you help by offering meal worms, that would be a big help to her. Start out with a small amount from local pet store and train her to come to the feeder bowl. Put it close by the box to start with, but only for a short period of time (so as not to encourage predators) and then gradually move it away. This help may make the difference on those baby birds’ survival, unless they are just about to fledge. But even then she will need help feeding them! Good luck. P.S. Be sure the streamers on the spooker just brush the top of the box, not in front of the hole.