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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Dana, it varies about a male finding a mate. Usually during nesting season it does not take them very long. My male lost his mate after they had 5 eggs for 1st nesting, and it was only a few days that he had attracted another. Of course, this was at the beginning of nesting season. If you see him and he is interested in the box and he is eating your mealworms, he might get another gal yet. But it is getting a little late – bet he returns next season. Remember to have your box(s) up in January or February (probably more like February or March where you live), as this is when they are out scouting. By the way, welcome to this forum! I believe you will find lots of knowledgeable people here. Our administrator/moderators & participants have been here for years – I’ve been here for 9 seasons and several were here way before me.