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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Yes, Susan, I believe you need to gradually move it farther away now that she has found them, maybe 6-8′ at a time in the direction you want it to be finally (of course up off the ground). You cannot monitor 24/7 and they will draw predators I’m afraid & being that close to the nestbox could be dangerous. That way she will know for later on and next season where to find them. My worm feeder is at least 60′ from current box, over 100′ away from another one and probably 200′ away from two others. They make it back & forth between the feeder and box to feed in a heartbeat! I know a lot of people do not have that much room, but 3 feet would be too close to leave it. That is my opinion and probably others here, but the main thing is that she found them, loves them & is taking care of those babies! Hurrah!