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    I do not view HOSP at feeders during fall and winter as a problem, but rather as a major trapping opportunity. The HOSP coming to your feeders are living in your area. Whether you feed them or not, allowed to remain, they will be in your nest boxes come spring. Get rid of as many as you can now. I only have major success trapping them when I have live decoys in trap. Trick/tip to catching them if they are at your feeders – remove food from feeders for short time and bait trap, but careful monitoring while doing this as you may catch native birds also. Once I have live decoy, I fill feeders again and bait trap with stuff HOSP especially like. Once nest season begins, I discontinue feeding any seeds that HOSP will eat. I don’t want to attract any nest site competitors to yard that could harm nesting birds and there is plenty of natural food for birds during nest season.