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    I pulled mine tonight because of the possibility of early morning snow. I’ll put them back out after it stops.

    I ended up getting a second trap, but it looks like I have it in the wrong spot, as I’ve caught nothing but juncos. I put the new one out a couple of days ago, so I’ll try another area when I put it back out. My original trap, in the original spot, is still trapping them fairly regularly(another 30 since the first of the year). The trapping has slowed some, and I’m not seeing as many HOSPs around, so maybe I’m finally making a dent in the population. With it looking like we are now going to really see more winterlike weather in the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see how many I trap.

    I’ve also watched several chickadees get onto the elevator, but they seem to be too light for it, and it just goes down a little bit, which scares them enough that they bolt out of there really quick! That’s fine with me, as I don’t want to trap them anyways!

    I have put a trail camera out pointing towards my compost pile, where I have been disposing of the HOSPs. Cats, opossums and raccoons seem to like the area now, as well as an occasional Coopers Hawk.

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