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Donna in WI

    Yes Tammy, these are in my backyard. This morning there was a flock of about 70 Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls, they are here pretty much all day long. Also have about 7ish BlueJays, a bunch of Downy Woodpeckers, a couple of Hairy and a couple of Red bellied Woodpeckers, a whole crapload of Juncos, White Breasted and Red Breasted Nuthatches (just one or two of each), a couple of American Tree Sparrows, Cardinals (a couple males and one female), Mourning Doves, a bunch of Chickadees, here and there I have House Finch and Goldfinch yet and of course the ugly Starlings but thankfully no House Sparrows. Oh and for awhile I had this pretty lady visiting my suet….


    I bet you have a stick in a pot, right????

    Donna in WI